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Toco is a small fishing village located in the north east corner of Trinidad. Actually one can evey say that Toco is a region. Many people in the north east peninsula refer to themselves as coming from "Toco" in order to let people in other parts of country have an idea where they are from. Toco can then be described as the region from Matura to Matelot. Historically, Toco made its contribution to World War II by hosting the Galera Lighthouse which was a landmark for shipping plying between the waters of Trinidad and Tobago heading to and from South America. Several submarines are said to have beeb sunk off these waters during the war.

Toco folks are strong, resilient and extremely tolerant people as they have had to endure years of neglect and lack of infrastructural development as the region does not generate income on the scale as other parts of the country.

By that same token, Toco retains its pristine beauty, its tropical rainforests, clear rivers and unspoilt character making it the ideal eco-tourist destination in Trinidad. Its rivers provide health recreation, the sea abounds in a diversity of fresh fish and the rock fishing off the Galera Lighthouse is famous throughout Trinidad. Toco is also known for its waterfalls including the Rampanalgas Waterfall which is a cool 30 minute trek into the forest amid old cocoa and coffee plantations.

The beaches of Toco are also the last remaining clean beaches in Trinidad attracting weekend mauraders who come to enjoy an invigorating seabath that only Toco can provide.

On your next vacation, come visit with us in Toco, meet our strong people proud of their heritage and enjoy the wonders of our rivers, waterfalls, beaches and rainforest.

See you soon!

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